About Us

Vagabond Vintner
Vagabond Vintner was the brainchild of proprietor, Kathy Maieli, a retired educator and lifelong wine enthusiast. Having traveled the world visiting vineyards and wineries, Kathy shares her passion for wine and hobby winemaking through Vagabond Vintner. As a winemaker and grape grower herself for many years, she created her unique "mobile microwinery" to bring both the old world ambiance and the convenience of small-batch winemaking equipment to the homes of new hobby winemakers. Her approach to wine removes pretension and puts its enjoyment within reach for everyone.

Kathy Maieli, Vagabond Vintner

Mobile MicroWinery
Vagabond Vintner's mobile microwinery was designed to bring both the old world ambiance and the convenience of quality "small batch" winemaking equipment and supplies to various locations for hobby winemakers. 

​​​Wine Barge in the Finger Lakes

Learn about hobby winemaking "Finger Lakes" style with small group sessions held afloat on our Wine Barge. Share your favorite Finger Lakes wines and learn the winemaking techniques that make them special! You might even get the chance to stomp some grapes while on board Vagabond Vintner as you cruise Lamoka Lake!